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What a nightmare week it has been! Deadline day is face approaching bringing with it the end of this chapter in my college life. Now of course university Is just around the corner but at the moment that corner seems very far away!
However never let it be said that I would give me full attention to college when there was shopping to be done.
As I sat miserable on the bus to college this morning I received an email from Littlewoods

A sale they say!! Well diligently enough I took care of handing in the assignment due today before I started on the 4 due for tomorrow.
After about five minutes of staring into space my resolve broke.

To my delight all the dresses in my basket were now half price. Add to that two more and the day seemed considerably brighter. Of course never one to shy away from spending I typed Game of Thrones into the search bar and waited with bated breath.

My day was now complete. A box set, four dresses and a cute leather/lace top winging their way to me at more than half their original prices.

Oh happy procrastination how you soothed me. But now it’s time to face reality and four assignments. ARRRRRRRGH!!


The unfortunate incident with the bottle of Bud and the stitches

There once was a beautiful cream lace dress. Purchased in H&M, but on 5th Ave in New York made it all the more special.

The dress made its debut in London on the last bank holiday Monday. A night off! I rejoiced as a full time student who works 40 hours a week its not often I get out.So buoyed by the heat ,the dress was pulled out of the wardrobe and was part of an ensemble that included my favourite rockabilly leopard bag and a darling Alice in Wonderland bracelet and a pearl bangle.

Well to cut a long story short the night went on in a happy haze until disaster struck for my dress….. A bottle of Budweiser sailed through the air hitting yours truly leaving me the proud purveyor of 3 stitches and some ruined items of clothing and accessories. The bag had a discoloured bloody stain an the bracelet and watch and shoes required major tlc to bring them back to their best. Unfortunately the pearl bangle is irreparable.

Nevertheless I had plans for that dress namely wearing it to a hen/bachelorette party this Friday along with my hand sewn button bag. So determinedly I soaked the bad boy in the bath getting rid of most of the blood and simultaneously frightening my flat mate by leaving it in the bath to soak. After that a 40 wash.

No that was not going to return it to its original post stitches glory! So the next best idea was to dye the dress. To Hobby Craft I went. Having mulled over the colours available I went for Antique Grey from Dylon. Following the instructions to a t I was massively disappointed that the dress was not how I expected it to be. After another spin in the washing machine I was incredulous to realise it was now off cream and the lace inserts were baby pink!! Not my idea of fun.

Undeterred I found myself back in Hobby Craft purchasing the Velvet Black machine Dylon dye. Into the wash it went with the dress and again on a 40 degrees. After an hour of impatient waiting I opened the door slowly with my eyes closed. After opening the eyes I found in front of me a grey dress with lace inserts between the colour orange and coral. I'm still waiting on the second obligatory wash to see the final product.


I have absolutely no idea why it did not take the dye and I feel that giving up is my only option now. Back to the drawing board for an outfit for the hen party!



Just call me buttons <3

So I have decided to get a bit creative and stop buying something new just because I want it and instead create something much more eye catching so armed with a giant bag of buttons and a clutch that was not very me I got to work



The bag had been a lil pressie given to me from my good friend Martina but because I already possess two clutches including one that is literally covered in skulls I decided that this was a perfect choice to cover as it was suede on the front as opposed to leather.
The buttons my lovely friend Gemma picked up for me in fair Tralee on a weekend trip I made home. They were a bargain at €7 for 500g with a variety of colours and lots of ordinary average type of buttons but also including some amazing funky shapes and colours.
The process of hand sewing all the buttons took quite a while and is not something I would recommend to those of us who give up easily.


I persevered and after three days by beautiful clutch was ready for action. However I plan on gluing all the buttons with fabric glue before I carry the bag on its first outing.
I’m really pleased with the outcome but have now somehow managed to agree to making five more for friends and family….I see a business opportunity on the way!


Morning mania

The joys of living with three other girls being the unlimited access to clothes, shoes and handbags. The massive drawback being the morning rush for the shower- THE only shower in the house! Unless you set your alarm for at least three hours before you are due to leave you are bound to encounter The Shower Thief. The most selfish of flat mates who’s insistence on waiting until she hears any sing of life before running to the bathroom like Usain Bolt on top form. Every morning this pattern is repeated and the sound of the lock turning is the death knell on any positive thoughts you have had so far that morning which will not return for at least another two hours and four calming cups of tea later. Beware of this type of girl I’m sure she lurks in every flat just waiting to instil irritation and suffering to your morning!!



Physiotherapy is the bane of my Thursday. Every Thursday without fail I have to put more thought into my outfits. For the sake of my long suffering physiotherapist my usual sheer patterned tights and dress combo will not shield her eyes as she tries to tackle the mess that is my back.
However never fear an unworn pair of Armani Exchange trousers are going to save the day today.
I do fear the geometric pattern could cause undue dizziness to her.
What a no win situation this has become!

Death of an icon or death of a tyrant

Ding dong the witch is dead is charting on iTunes in open celebration of the death of Britain’s former marmite Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and many somewhat crude and downright insulting images and texts are flooding the Internet.
At a time when there is an open out powering of grief from those loyal to the Thatcher regime, the majority of the people appear to be celebrating the lose of such a cruel woman who brought different sections of Britain and Ireland to it’s knees under her draconian ruling with her supposedly Iron Fist.
Ironically the Met Police Commander has fully embraced the idea that the funeral, a massive drain on us poor tax payers will be met with protests and a party atmosphere “The right to protest is one that must be upheld”.
It will be interesting to see what shall become of this farcical ode to a woman responsible for such hurt and pain to so many.


Just a thought……

Why is it that when I’m late for work ( let’s face it this is every morning ) do I still find the time to browse through WordPress, Facebook, Twitter along with every other fashion or lifestyle app I have on my phone? Such procrastination thus rendering me even later for work!